6 Hours Behind-The-Wheel

  • • 5 Behind-The-Wheel lessons to fulfill the minimum 6-hour DMV requirement of professional instruction. Our lessons are taught in one 2-hour lesson and four 1-hour lessons.
  • • One to one instruction ratio with a law enforcement trained instructor.
  • • Includes Certificates of Completion for BTW training which is required for the DMV drive test process.

Our 6-hour program meets the DMV's minimum requirement. We do things a little differently, but a lot better. Based on our training and experience, we broke away from the industry standard of three 2-hour BTW lessons. We teach the state required six hours in one 2- hour segment to cover basic skills and four 1- hour segments for increased retention and skill specialization. Our 5 lessons, 6-hour BTW package accomplishes two goals – 1. Shorter lessons help avoid overstimulation and fatigue in the students. 2. Having lessons more frequently ensures they stay on path to becoming safe and defensive drivers.

Not only will your teen receive a detailed handwritten evaluation of the lesson, you will also have access to their GPS drive route and the instructor's lesson notes in your online student portal.

This package is also recommended for adults new to the driving process so that they become safe, competent and skilled drivers.