OCT Driving Academy uses retired First Responders with the passion, training and experience to prepare your teen to drive with confidence, safety and quality decision making skills.

OCT Driving Academy is innovative in our approach by teaching the state required six hours in one 2- hour segment to cover basic skills and four 1- hour segments for increased retention and skill specialization. We have developed protocols which help avoid overstimulation and fatigue in the students. Shorter and more frequent lessons during their permit period ensure they stay on path to becoming safe and defensive drivers.

OCT Driving Academy develops solid core skills, mental readiness and environmental awareness. While some driving schools focus on the short term of your teen passing their drive test, we believe in the long term – producing a competent, knowledgeable and practiced driver who will not only pass their drive test, but become a safe driver for the rest of their lives.

OCT Driving Academy cares about transparency. Our fleet consists of easily identifiable student driver cars which are well maintained and routinely serviced. At the conclusion of each lesson, a short debrief and pamphlet will be given to discuss the accomplishments and areas that need more focus. Parents and students will have direct access to their online portal for ease of scheduling, payment processing and any downloaded documentation.

Welcome to O.C.T. Driving Academy