O.C.T. Driving Academy

We believe creating safe, defensive, and prepared new drivers requires a team approach - parents, students and instructors working together to develop lifelong skills for our challenging roadways.

♦ 5 BTW lessons – different approach, better results
California requires six hours of professional driving instruction. The industry standard teaches three 2-hour lessons. After observing many students struggle with fatigue, retention issues and overstimulation, we decided to approach our lesson plans differently. Our students have one 2- hour segment to cover basic road skills (from a parking lot to public streets) and four 1-hour segments which focus on specific skills such as parking, freeway and test preparedness. Our students achieve better results with more frequent lessons to monitor and assist in their progress while in an environment that encourages and supports their learning.

♦ 1st RESPONDER trained driving instructors
Our instructors are active/retired professional first responders. The first-hand knowledge, training and expertise will develop not just the safe and defensive driving habits you expect, but the mind-set and attitude to create a well-rounded and competent new driver on today's challenging roadways.