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We highly recommend Lina and her team at The Driving Experience Simulators. So many of our kids have spent too much time in the back seat or looking at their phones while you, the parent, drive. Being behind the wheel can be a completely overwhelming concept with no real visual application to apply to the necessary skills. Giving your new driver a chance to experience it behind the safety of a screen will help their depth perception, their ability to multitask and it will increase their awareness - all critical skills to be safe behind the wheel.

Driving simulation is one of the best ways to help instruct and prepare new drivers in an environment that is safe, educational and similar to real life. Pilots, healthcare professionals, even astronauts, are required to spend upwards of 500 hours training in a simulated environment for their respective fields.

With the driving simulator program, drivers are experiencing driving in a safe and informative environment. Skills are built through an interactive program geared to instruct while placing new drivers in real life situations.

Find out more about the program at the The Driving Experience, Driving Simulator or call 949-247-6694.